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Country Gold Euonymus Pyramid

Euonymus fortunei 'Country Gold Pyramid'

Height: 24" to 5' / 60cm to 1.60m
Spread: 36" to 10' / 90cm to 3.00m
Shape: Spreading or horizontal, upright or erect and variable spread
Bloom: Green and White
Foliage:Green, variegated and yellow, This plant has attractive foliage and attractive fall colors.
Fall: Red



Culture Notes
Wintercreeper can be a trailing, vine like plant or an upright shrub, such as this cultivar.  Transplanting is no problem, but the growth rate is slow and plants decline in wet soil.  A north or west exposure is best--during the winter, shade will keep the foliage from burning.  If used as a ground cover, it can be sheared to keep it neat...

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